Bespoke Package: Leadership and Business Development Academy Ascent

Mountaintop’s Leadership and Business Development Academy Ascent gives attorneys the skills and confidence to become successful leaders and rainmakers. We employ interactive teaching methods and practical advice to demystify the process of building professional relationships and leveraging those relationships to bring in business.


  • Driven Attorneys
  • Aspiring Partners
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Partners


The Leadership and Business Development Academy Ascent includes a package of live training sessions which are typically presented once a month over several consecutive months. Each group session is conducted in a 60 to 90-minute format, potentially over lunch, and incorporates a formal presentation, group discussion, interactive group exercises, and valuable follow up for each participant to complete.


At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Articulate their personal brand on and offline, including the value they bring
  • Understand how to execute practical yet critical components of business development and client service
  • Develop and execute a customized, strategic Action Plan for continued success

What’s Covered

The Leadership and Business Development Academy can be customized by selecting any number of our top-rated sessions. Please contact us to discuss your goals, so we can develop a bespoke curriculum tailored to your specific audience and needs.


Personal Branding & Executive Presence

  • Kickoff: Straight talk about leadership development and your firm’s expectations
  • Communicating your personal brand, expertise, and the value you bring to each matter
  • Cultivating executive presence
  • Becoming a “go to” attorney internally and externally
  • In-Session Exercise: Elevator Speech Role Play
  • Homework for Participants: Organization Bio & LinkedIn Profile Updates

Maximizing Existing Client Relationships

  • Honing a client service orientation
  • Promoting your firm
  • Identifying client development activities that play to your strengths
  • In-Session Exercise: Client Profile & Outreach Plan Exercises
  • Homework for Participants: Contacts Review & Outreach Plan Development

Building & Maintaining Your Professional Network

  • LinkedIn for Busy Lawyers: a live demonstration of how to use LinkedIn strategically and ethically
  • Developing a content strategy for your practice
  • In-Session Exercise: Live LinkedIn Demonstration
  • Homework for Participants: LinkedIn Profile Updates

Law Firm Economics

  • Critical cash flow dynamics of law firms
  • Factors that impact law firm profitability
  • Typical law firm partnership models
  • What each participant can do to enhance your firm’s long-term financial success
  • In-Session Exercise: Hypothetical Law firm Profitability Analysis
  • Homework for Participants: PersonalProfitability Analysis

Creating & Implementing Your Personal Action Plan

  • Identifying your highest ROI activities and matters
  • Strategic career management for success and fulfillment
  • Prioritizing your external activities and outreach
  • Demonstrating commitment through consistent follow up
  • Creating accountability and support systems internally and externally
  • In-Session Exercise: Personal Action Plan Exercise (using Mountaintop’s proprietary templates)
  • Homework for Participants: Personal Action Plan Development

Strategic Career Management

  • Understanding the firm’s expectations for promotion to Partner
  • Developing strong relationships within your practice area, in your office, and firm-wide
  • Playing to your strengths to build your differentiated “platform” for advancement
  • Identifying appropriate internal and external profile-building activities
  • Crafting a simple, personalized action plan to manage the next phase(s) of your career
  • In-Session Exercise: SMART Goals & Action Planning
  • Homework for Participants: Personal Action Plan Development

Communication Skills & “Owning The Room”

  • Mastering verbal, nonverbal, and written communication
  • Understanding the 7 C’s of effective communication
  • Structuring effective, professional email communication with clients and colleagues
  • Establishing the physical presence and confidence to “own the room”
  • In-Session Exercise: “Off The Cuff” Role Play
  • Homework for Participants: Related reading

One-On-One Coaching Sessions are available, at an additional cost, to reinforce this Ascent. Please contact us for more information.