Make It Rain: LinkedIn For Personal Branding & Business Growth

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When used strategically, LinkedIn provides a great platform for personal branding and business development. Mountaintop’s “Make It Rain: LinkedIn For Personal Branding & Business Growth” Training Ascent provides practical tips for understanding the strategic and technical aspects of building a memorable profile, using LinkedIn’s search functions to develop professional relationships, and increasing your visibility efficiently and ethically.

At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Optimize and regularly update their LinkedIn profile
  • Use advanced LinkedIn features typically only known to power users
  • Employ practical strategies for developing a personalized LinkedIn strategy to further their practice and career goal

Course Overview

“Make It Rain” is presented in 5 different sections – or modules – that will allow you to take each at your own pace. Each module includes a training video ranging from 20 – 50 minutes and includes homework that will help you make live changes to your profile and make the most of the next section. The 5 modules will cover how to:

  • Module 1: Brand Your Profile: I’ll show you how to customize your LinkedIn profile with strategic tips and enhancements to your personal brand.
  • Module 2: Adjust Your Settings: I’ll show you how to adjust your Settings so that your data and privacy are protected.
  • Module 3: Grow Your Professional Network: I’ll teach you how to grow your professional network strategically and authentically using advanced tips for the settings, search, news, and contacts functions.
  • Module 4: Become A Thought Leader: I’ll demonstrate how you can share compelling content and updates with your LinkedIn network to help you be seen as a go to person in your field.
  • Module 5: Track & Automate Your Success: I’ll show you how to leverage a few simple, free tools and your calendar to automate and track your progress.

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Edmund Hilary, Mt. Everest, 1953


Hiring Mountaintop Consulting to assist in my business development efforts was the catalyst I needed to move forward in marketing my practice in a meaningful way. The process was not easy, but the payoff has been significant, and the investment has proven worthwhile.

— Partner, Am Law 100 Law Firm

Mountaintop’s approach was ideal for achieving results in our division. They have completed multiple important projects for us. On each project, their consultants developed innovative, practical solutions while operating as seamless members of our cross-functional team.

— Vice President, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

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