Services Overview

Consulting Ascents

for Teams & Firms


Companies, teams, and business leaders hire our Consultants to help them achieve organizational goals or solve problems strategically. Our Consultants handle the research, analysis, strategy planning, and facilitation, with the client providing key background information and participating in working sessions to evaluate solutions.

Speaking Ascents

for Groups


Our Training Ascents are group presentations facilitated by a topical and industry expert on a specific subject, which can be customized to the audience.

A training session typically lasts 60 to 90-minutes on a single day or can be combined with other workshops as a multi-part series over several months.

Coaching Ascents

for Individuals


Client and Coach work one-on-one to achieve the client’s professional goals, often by developing a detailed action plan the Client will implement.

Coaching Programs typically last 6 to 12 months and consist of 1-2 meetings or phone calls per month.


Services Tailored for your industry

We partner with leading law firms and attorneys to stimulate strong business development, growth, and strategic career management.

We position legal departments to be competitive advantages for companies by aligning their goals and metrics with the business’ strategic objectives.

We boost financial services, private equity, and investment management industry professionals to higher career success.

We cultivate professional growth among senior executives and emerging leaders across industries, including energy and healthcare.

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We help high-achieving professionals in the nation’s most recognized law firms, financial institutions, and businesses scale the heights of career success and personal fulfillment.

Why did you want to climb Mt. Everest?

NY Times Reporter, 1925

Because it’s there.

George Mallory, Mountaineer


Precious worked hard to understand what makes our firm tick and how to explain that to the outside world in a simple and compelling way. She nailed it.

— Mike Oldham, Partner, Reynolds Frizzell LLP

Precious offers expertise in a way that brings out the best in others. She embraces change. She approaches challenging situations with a grace that inspires confidence and trust among even the most seasoned leaders.

— Tom Bacon, Co-Founder, Lionstone Investments

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