Watch on demand: 3 Steps Companies Can Take To Combat Systemic Racism & Retain Diverse Professionals

In this interactive virtual discussion, Mountaintop business strategists Precious Williams Owodunni and Rosa Maria Villagomez recommend practical approaches organizations and individuals can follow to drive meaningful, lasting change in the fight against systemic racism. Topics include how to build in accountability and success metrics for business initiatives and strategies to retain diverse professionals. They are joined by guests Erin Hess and Nichole Velasquez of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.

DEI Resources

Here are a few resources you might find helpful as you delve more into diversity, equity, and inclusion:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams


Mountaintop Consulting has been a true change agent for our business.  They have a unique way of delivering a message that opens doors and motivates successful behaviors.

— Doris Bobadilla, Director, Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith

In Mountaintop’s presentation on Diversity for Competitive Advantage at our Firm Retreat, Precious and Rosa Maria talked about diversity in a way that was rooted in the business case. Starting with raw data and walking through trends and best practices to date, the presentation generated a meaningful and engaging discussion on a topic in which our firm is deeply invested and involved. The presenters’ insights as former in-house counsel and legal industry experts, paired with current trends in the space, provided new and innovative strategies that we look forward to incorporating in our ongoing D&I initiatives.

— Bob Angelico, Firm President & Managing Partner, Liskow & Lewis

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