Action Planning Retreat Ascent

In Mountaintop’s Action Planning Retreat, our experienced Consultants lead a half-day workshop focused on team-building, planning for the future desired state of your company or group, and drafting the specific goals and priorities necessary to achieve that desired state. This workshop empowers each individual to feel confident in your group's purpose, alignment, and ability to work together as a successful team.


  • Successful Firms & Companies
  • Driven Teams
  • Practice Groups
  • Leadership Groups


The Action Planning Retreat includes one, live, interactive workshop, facilitated over four hours.  You may also choose to add an optional Survey Feedback Gathering & Analysis enhancement (to be conducted prior to the workshop) to inform the discussion and gain key insights and feedback from your team. During the workshop, the Mountaintop team strategically guides and encourages team members to agree upon how they want to operate as a unit and the types of priorities and issues they will address. The workshop includes:

  • An open discussion of the group or company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to consider as we develop the strategic vision
  • Group development of the aspirational description of the best future state of your group/company
  • Achieving alignment on the strategic priorities and goals needed to realize the group/company's vision, including how to align with corporate priorities, where applicable
  • If you opt to add Survey Feedback Gathering & Analysis to your project, the insights from that analysis will also be presented at the retreat


At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Understand and articulate the group's shared vision and goals
  • Understand the role they play in meeting the goals set out in the workshop
  • Plan for growth properly aligned with the strategic priorities and goals of the group

What’s Covered

Action Planning Retreat

  • Survey Feedback Gathering & Analysis, an optional enhancement
  • Group SWOT Analysis
  • Priorities & Goal Planning Exercises
  • Development of Action Plans, where appropriate
  • Deliverable: Strategic Vision & Goals Debrief