Consulting Ascents

Mountaintop’s team of consultants and business strategists have helped the nation’s most recognized law firms and financial institutions reach new heights of productivity and profitability. We go through four key stages to uncover each firm or company’s unique challenges and opportunities. They include:

  1. Listening: we start by listening, for both the said and unsaid
  2. Analysis: we root our work in hard data and analyze both quantitative and qualitative aspects to inform strategy
  3. Strategy: we use all we learn to provide thoughtful, practical strategic recommendations
  4. Implementation: whether we implement the plan or not, we will always provide you with clear next steps and practical tips that will allow you to implement the work

Explore our consulting packages below. To help meet your specific needs, our packages are customizable. Please contact us to discuss your goals and choose your Mountaintop Ascent.

Consulting Ascents FOR TEAMS & FIRMS

We’ll provide in-depth analysis and solutions to achieve your organization’s goals.

Digital Marketing Retainer For Companies

Mountaintop’s Digital Marketing Retainer for Companies helps fill marketing needs, either as a wholly outsourced solution or a seamless addition to your marketing team.

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Digital Marketing Retainer For Individuals

In our Digital Marketing Retainer For Individuals, we work with you upfront to agree on a marketing calendar and then we execute the plan.

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Strengths-Based Team Building

A Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach leads teams to leverage the unique talents of each individual and build a highly engaged organizational culture.

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Business Development Action Plan

We provide a practical, customized Business Development Action Plan to enhance your marketing and growth initiatives.

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Marketing Plan

Together, we will work with your team to determine what differentiates you from your competitors and develop a customized plan that includes actionable steps to achieve marketing success.

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Strategic Planning for Corporate Legal Departments

Mountaintop’s Strategic Plan Ascent for Corporate Legal Departments helps in-house legal teams develop customized strategic plans.

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Action Planning Retreat

Mountaintop’s Action Planning Retreat provides companies and teams with a practical, proven approach to planning for business growth and success.

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Streamlined Action Plan

During this ascent, a Mountaintop Consultant will act as a sounding board and help you, your group, or company identify priorities for the year, as well as next steps to solidify your plan and achieve your goals.

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LinkedIn Content Strategy & Page Refresh

Mountaintop’s LinkedIn & Content Strategy & Page Refresh includes a customized strategy, refreshed page copy, and admin training.

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Branding & Messaging Strategy

Based on in-depth research and analysis, we provide a clear brand message and positioning to effectively articulate your company’s capabilities and value-add.

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Strategic Plan

We provide the practical, customized road map teams, companies, and leaders need for business growth and success.

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We help high-achieving professionals in the nation’s most recognized law firms, financial institutions, and businesses scale the heights of career success and personal fulfillment.

Every mountaintop is within your reach if you just keep climbing.

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Mountaintop gave us concrete recommendations on how to articulate our unique value in a straightforward and genuine way. The feedback they synthesized for us from various stakeholders has helped inform our strategic planning for the future. Their advice is actionable and their work product top-notch.

— David Baay, Managing Partner, Houston Office, Eversheds Sutherland

Mountaintop’s approach was ideal for achieving results in our division. They have completed multiple important projects for us. On each project, their consultants developed innovative, practical solutions while operating as seamless members of our cross-functional team.

— Vice President, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

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