Streamlined Action Plan Ascent

Mountaintop's Streamlined Action Plan Ascent is ideal for individuals, groups, or companies who want a sounding board and/or facilitated group discussion to help (1) identify priorities for the year, and (2) settle on next steps to solidify the plan to achieve desired goals. Popular ways clients utilize this ascent: identifying next steps to take for individual career growth, reaching consensus on departmental objectives, settling on overarching company goals for the year, and brainstorming diversity initiatives on which to focus.


  • Driven Individuals
  • High-Achieving Teams
  • Active Company Committees
  • Future-Oriented Companies


The Streamlined Action Plan Ascent focuses on planning for the future and prioritizing where you, your group, or company will direct focus to achieve your goals. This package includes:

  • 30-minute discovery call
  • 2-hour action planning session with Mountaintop Consultant
  • Written Debrief Summary
  • 6-month check-in call (30 minutes)


At the summit, you will be able to:

  • Articulate priorities for the coming year
  • Understand what is most important to you, your team, or your company
  • Confidently move forward with next steps to solidify the plan to achieve your goals

What’s Covered

Your Streamlined Action Plan session may be used to discuss items such as:

  • Individual career goals and how you will reach them
  • Departmental objectives for the coming year
  • Growth goals and strategic considerations for companies
  • Initiatives committees may undertake as part of their mission
  • Retention strategies and initiatives (e.g., internal or external training programs, compensation incentives, etc.)