Diversity For Competitive Advantage Ascent

In Mountaintop’s Diversity For Competitive Advantage Workshop, Mountaintop Consultants facilitate an engaging and enlightening discussion designed to raise awareness of the state of diversity and inclusion in law firms, what corporate clients expect from companies in terms of diversity, and what's working for companies in terms of diversity and inclusion best practices and initiatives.


  • Law Firms
  • Driven Attorneys
  • Aspiring Partners
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Partners


The Diversity For Competitive Advantage Workshop includes one, live training session, presented in a 60-minute format, that will incorporate a formal presentation and group discussion. During the session, each participant will gain practical knowledge and tips that will cover:

  • Why these topics matter for corporate clients and leading companies
  • Successful initiatives and best practices to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent
  • Best practices for how leading companies leverage diversity in their business development initiatives


At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Understand and articulate the business case for diversity and the current research in the diversity space for law firms
  • Identify potential strategies for their firm to implement to increase diversity
  • Share best practices from across the industry with others in their firm

What’s Covered

Diversity For Competitive Advantage

  • Diversity of the legal landscape in the U.S. today
  • In-house perspectives on diversity and inclusion
  • Diversity & Inclusion requirements often stipulated by those with whom you do business
  • Diversity & Inclusion best practices from leading firms and D&I organizations