Law firms

Our team of legal consultants and business strategists help law firms - including boutique, global, and AmLaw 100 firms - and law firm professionals become more profitable and productive through speaking, consulting, and coaching on the topics and issues that impact their success. We combine business expertise with a deep knowledge of the legal industry to help law firms and professionals reach new heights of profitability and productivity.

Our consultants help law firms:

  • Develop and Implement Strategic Plans
  • Retain and Develop Their Professionals
  • Grow Their Firm and Practice Groups
  • Market Their Expertise
  • Become Better Business Developers

Our work with attorneys spans the key business skills that drive their career success and fulfillment, including:

  • Personal Branding & Executive Presence
  • Strategic Career Management
  • Leadership
  • Business Development
  • And Other Key Areas

If you or your firm wants to scale the next mountain in your journey to success, contact us to learn how we can help, or explore our most popular solutions for law firms and legal professionals below.

Consulting Ascents FOR TEAMS & FIRMS

We’ll provide in-depth analysis and solutions to achieve your organization’s goals.

Business Development Action Plan

We provide a practical, customized Business Development Action Plan to enhance your marketing and growth initiatives.

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Marketing Plan

Together, we will work with your team to determine what differentiates you from your competitors and develop a customized plan that includes actionable steps to achieve marketing success.

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Branding & Messaging Strategy

Based on in-depth research and analysis, we provide a clear brand message and positioning to effectively articulate your company’s capabilities and value-add.

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We’ll inspire and prepare you to achieve your goals through interactive, practical workshops.

Cross Marketing: Hunting In Packs

One of our most popular workshops offered in a 60 and 90-minute format to help groups of any tenure learn how to effectively cross market.

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Becoming A Business Builder

Our most popular workshop offered in a 60 and 90-minute format to help groups of any tenure learn the basics of business development.

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Diversity As A Competitive Advantage

In our “Diversity As A Competitive Advantage” Workshop, Mountaintop Consultants facilitate an engaging discussion designed to raise awareness of the state of diversity and inclusion and what’s working in companies.

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Strategic Career Management

Informed by the adage that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” this Ascent motivates professionals to thoughtfully map out the important next phases of their careers.

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We’ll work with you one-on-one or in small groups to achieve your professional goals.

Small Group Coaching For Companies

Mountaintop’s Small Group Coaching For Companies Ascent provides structured leadership, business development, and strategic career management guidance that gives professionals the practical skills and tools they need to reach the next peak in their career.

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Business Development Coaching

We give successful professionals the practical skills and confidence to become rainmakers through a personalized, high-impact one-on-one coaching program.

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Every mountaintop is within your reach if you just keep climbing.

Barry Finlay


Mountaintop Consulting quickly mastered my practice and market. Within weeks, they had assessed where I stood within that market and had a plan to differentiate me. Together we created a specific business-development plan that fit my personality. I have been following that plan, and the results continue to exceed my expectations.

— Dane Ball, Partner, Smyser Kaplan & Veselka L.L.P.

Precious is one of the most savvy marketing persons I know. She provides on-the-spot, intuitive and practical advice to lawyers about marketing. She understands lawyers. She is a lawyer. She understands business. She’s been at the top of business, too. She can see both sides and helps lawyers bridge the gap. I appreciate her insights every time we talk.

— Andrea "AJ" Johnson, Senior Director, Kane Russell, Coleman & Logan

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