Strategic Career Management Ascent

In Mountaintop’s Strategic Career Management Ascent, participants will have fun and get to know each other while also gaining powerful, practical strategies for building strong careers at their company. Informed by the adage that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” this Ascent motivates professionals to thoughtfully map out the important next phases of their careers. We employ an interactive presentation style and hands-on exercises to equip each person with tactics for effectively becoming a “go to” person within their office, practice area, and across the company. We also demystify the process of cultivating internal sponsors and advocates. Most importantly, we walk each person through the creation of a personalized plan for strategically managing his or her career.


  • Driven Professionals
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Partners & Executives


The Strategic Career Management Ascent includes one, live training session, presented in a 60 to 90-minute format, that will incorporate a formal presentation, group discussion, an interactive group exercise, and homework for each participant to complete.

This Ascent can be packaged together with others to develop a multi-session Leadership and Business Development Academy. Please contact us to discuss your goals, so we can develop a bespoke curriculum tailored to your specific audience and needs.


At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Articulate their personal brand and the professional value they bring
  • Identify and cultivate relationships with colleagues as internal advocates and advisors
  • Create and execute a practical Personal Action Plan for successful career management

What’s Covered

Personal Branding

  • Communicating your expertise and the value you bring to the team
  • Positioning yourself as a “go to” person internally and externally
  • In-Session Exercise: Elevator Speech Role Play

Strategic Career Management

  • Understanding the company’s expectations for promotion
  • Developing strong relationships within your practice area, in your office, and company-wide
  • Playing to your strengths to build your differentiated “platform” for advancement
  • In-Session Exercise: SMART Goals

Developing and Implementing a Career Development Plan

  • Crafting a simple, personalized action plan to manage the next phase(s) of your career
  • Identifying appropriate internal and external profile-building activities
  • Creating support systems and accountability
  • In-Session Exercise: Action Planning Exercise
  • Homework for Participants: Personal Action Plan Refinement

One-On-One Coaching Sessions are available, at an additional cost, to reinforce this Ascent. Please contact us for more information.