Branding & Messaging Strategy Ascent

A strong brand message and positioning strategy is the foundation upon which successful companies and teams are built. To stand out among your competitors, you must be able to articulate what you do best and for whom, in a practical yet differentiated way. In Mountaintop’s Strategic Branding & Messaging Strategy Ascent, our consultants will work with your team to develop recommendations for how to articulate your capabilities and differentiators in a compelling brand message to drive continued growth and success.


  • Law Firm Teams
  • Business Teams
  • Law Firm Leaders
  • Company Leaders


Mountaintop’s Strategic Branding & Messaging Strategy Ascent includes a blend of a training workshop, one-on-one consultations with team members, and a consulting project in order to develop and solidify a compelling, differentiated, and competitive brand for your company or team.


At the summit, your team will be able to:

  • Employ practical strategies for contributing to your company’s growth and business development efforts
  • Confidently articulate their personal brands and your company’s brand during critical business-building interactions

What’s Covered

Strategic Branding & Messaging Strategy

  • One-on-one branding consultations with your team
  • Client feedback survey & interviews (memorialized in a Client Insights Report)
  • Revised company bios
  • Revised LinkedIn profiles
  • In-depth competitive analysis of your peers
  • Firm messaging & positioning strategy recommendations

Becoming A Business Builder

Personal Branding & Executive Presence

  • Communicating your personal brand, expertise, and the value you bring to each matter
  • Cultivating executive presence
  • Becoming a “go to” person internally and externally
  • How to utilize your company bio and LinkedIn profile to publicly establish your personal brand
  • In-Session Exercise: Elevator Speech Role Play
  • Homework for Participants: Company Bio & LinkedIn Profile Updates

Business Development Action Planning

  • Identifying client development activities that play to your strengths
  • Prioritizing your external activities and outreach
  • How to prepare for, execute, and follow up on a business development interaction
  • Creating accountability and support systems internally and externally
  • In-Session Exercise: Action Planning Exercise (using Mountaintop’s proprietary templates)
  • Homework for Participants: Action Plan Development

One-On-One Coaching Sessions are available, at an additional cost, to reinforce this Ascent. Please contact us for more information.