Thinking Like An Owner (From Day One) Ascent

Mountaintop’s Thinking Like An Owner (From Day One) Workshop helps new professionals and managers learn the written and unwritten rules of the workplace and professional life, so they can confidently own their career progress and deliver value right away.


  • New Professionals
  • New Attorneys
  • Newly-Promoted Managers


The Thinking Like An Owner (From Day One) Ascent includes one, live training session, presented in a 60 to 90-minute format, that will incorporate a formal presentation, group discussion, interactive group exercises, and valuable follow up for each participant to complete. During the session, each participant will gain practical, actionable strategies related to success factors, including:

  • Becoming a go-to person
  • Your professional, authentic self
  • Realistic feedback expectations
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Mentors & sponsors
  • Demonstrating reliability & credibility
  • Adding value every day


At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Articulate their professional, authentic brand and the value they bring
  • Understand how to provide value for their boss, team, and the company
  • Cultivate strong professional relationships

What’s Covered

Thinking Like An Owner (From Day One)

  • What It Means To "Think Like An Owner"
  • Building Your Platform & Communicating Your Successes
  • Managing Spoken & Unspoken Expectations
  • The Formula For Strong Relationships
  • Navigating Your Company Culture
  • Leveraging Mentors & Sponsors
  • Making Your Boss' Job Easier
  • Mastering The Art Of The Meeting
  • Making Every Interaction Count
  • In-Session Exercise
  • Homework for Participants