Thinking Like An Owner

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What’s Included

  • Downloadable Course Guide
  • 13 mini video lessons
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Exercises for practical application
  • Resources and further reading

Course Overview

This course is everything we wished we knew to build successful and fulfilling careers. In it, you will learn the written and unwritten rules of the workplace and professional life, so you can confidently own your career progress and deliver value right away.

This course features special appearances by members of the Mountaintop network, including:

Learning Objectives

Whether you’re a new professional starting your first position or a new manager finding your footing, this course will help you navigate key success factors, including:

  • Becoming a go-to person
  • Your professional, authentic self
  • Realistic feedback expectations
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Mentors & sponsors
  • Demonstrating reliability & credibility
  • Adding value every day

Chapter Outline

  • The 3 C’s Of Thinking Like An Owner [1.46]
  • What’s Your Brand? [3.24]
  • Communicating Your Successes [3.30]
  • Building Your Platform [3.06]
  • Understanding Generational Perceptions [2.01]
  • Managing Spoken & Unspoken Expectations [4.38]
  • The Formula For Strong Relationships [5.06]
  • Navigating Your Company Culture [3.39]
  • Leveraging Mentors & Sponsors [2.51]
  • What Does “Thinking Like An Owner” Mean? [2.36]
  • Making Your Boss’ Job Easier [3.06]
  • Mastering The Art Of The Meeting [4.11]
  • Making Every Interaction Count [4.59]
  • Put Into Practice [1.50]
  • FAQ | Can I Really “Be Myself” And Still Be Successful? [2:09]
  • FAQ | How Can I Talk About My Successes At Work Without Coming Across Like I’m Bragging? [3.05]
  • FAQ | How Do I Get A Seat At The Table To Advance My Career? [1.45]
  • FAQ | How Do I Navigate The Sometimes Negative Perception Of Being In A Younger Generation? [2.53]
  • FAQ | How Do I Work Well With Multiple Teams & Clients Who All Have Different Work Styles & Expectations? [2.00]
  • FAQ | I Hear People Say That “It’s All About Relationships.” What Can I Do To Build Effective Relationships?” [1.45]
  • FAQ | How Do I Find A Sponsor? [2:18]
  • FAQ | How Do I Become A Good Protegee To A Mentor Or Sponsor? [2.21]
  • FAQ | How Should I Prepare For My Performance Review? [2.23]
  • FAQ | What Time Management Tools Do You Recommend For Work? [1.26]

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Edmund Hilary, Mt. Everest, 1953


Hiring Mountaintop Consulting to assist in my business development efforts was the catalyst I needed to move forward in marketing my practice in a meaningful way. The process was not easy, but the payoff has been significant, and the investment has proven worthwhile.

— Partner, Am Law 100 Law Firm

Mountaintop’s approach was ideal for achieving results in our division. They have completed multiple important projects for us. On each project, their consultants developed innovative, practical solutions while operating as seamless members of our cross-functional team.

— Vice President, Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

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