Catherine Seitz

As the Manager of Growth Initiatives with Mountaintop Consulting, Catherine Seitz builds brands online through insightful content and carefully crafted messaging. Catherine enjoys working with all things digital to get information to a broad audience- or to that one person you need to reach. She utilizes SEO, lead nurturing emails, ad targeting, CRM and content management software to share relevant, meaningful information where and when it matters most. Whether developing an overall digital strategy or a single paragraph of copy, Catherine understands how each piece of content can build and reinforce a cohesive, powerful narrative for people and brands.

A proud Houston native, Catherine graduated from the University of Houston with a B.B.A. in Marketing and Honors distinction. Before joining Mountaintop Consulting, Catherine worked as a marketing manager for a group of related financial and accounting companies and spent time with digital marketing agencies. When not at work, she enjoys playing with her two pups and exploring the many experiences the great city of Houston has to offer.

Catherine’s Top 5 Strengths: Input, Intellection, Individualization, Responsibility, Achiever