Building & Maintaining Your Professional Network


In this course, you will learn how to build and maintain your professional network in a way that is effective, sustainable, and authentic to you.

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What’s Included

  • Downloadable course guide
  • 12 mini video lessons
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Exercises for practical application
  • Resources and further reading

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how maximize your business development efforts, no matter where you are in your career. From how to identify your network to tools and strategies to leverage to stay in touch, this course has it covered.

Importantly, you will also learn how to network in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable, and authentic to you.

Learning Objectives

At the summit, you will be able to:

  • Employ practical strategies for leveraging LinkedIn as a tool for business development and outreach
  • Develop and execute a Plan for connecting with key professional contacts

Whether you’re a new or seasoned professional, this course will help you authentically and effectively build and maintain a professional network.

Chapter Outline

  • Redefining Your Perception Of Networking [3.11]
  • Identifying Your Network [4.44]
  • Building Your Network With LinkedIn [7.11]
  • Showcasing Your Brand On LinkedIn [1.59]
  • The Do’s & Don’ts Of LinkedIn [5.03]
  • No Love At First Sight In Professional Relationships [2.08]
  • Leverage Your Strengths To Maintain Your Network [3.00]
  • Determining Your Outreach Schedule [3.13]
  • When Should I Reach Out To My Network? [3.38]
  • How To Prepare For A Meeting Or Event [6.47]
  • How To Make Authentic Connections [4.06]
  • Own The Follow Up™ [2.27]
  • Put It Into Practice [2.33]
  • FAQ | I Don’t Like Social Media. Do I Need Linkedin? [1.08]
  • FAQ | How Often Should I Be On Linkedin? [1.17]
  • FAQ | How Do I Prioritize My List Of Contacts For Outreach? [2.16]
  • FAQ | How Often Should I Reach Out To My Clients To Stay Top Of Mind? [2.47]
  • FAQ | What Type Of Outreach Should I Be Doing When I’m Early In My Career… Or A Student? [3.12]
  • FAQ | How Can I Get Introductions To People I Don’t Know But Want To Meet? [2.53]
  • FAQ | I’m An Introvert. Therefore I’m Not Good At Networking. Right? [1.34]
  • FAQ | How Can I Network In A Way That Feels Authentic & Natural? [4.09]
  • FAQ | What’s The Best Way To Walk Up & Introduce Myself At A Networking Event? [2.48]
  • FAQ | How Do I Network With People I Can’t Meet In Person? [3.31]