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Mountaintop’s Personalized Action Planning Ascent gives successful professionals the practical skills, tools and, confidence they need to become leaders and rainmakers. The Coaching Ascent is tailored to the interests, strengths, and challenges of each participating person.


  • Investors
  • Financial Executives
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Partners
  • Managing Directors


Each Personalized Action Planning Ascent is customized to the participating person to address specific interests, strengths and challenges. The program includes:

  • Two, 90-minute planning sessions with your Coach focused on:
    • Strategic career management
    • Development of a Personal Action Plan
    • Personal branding
  • Following the sessions, your Coach will provide a written summary of the discussions and a customized, written Personal Action Plan

Depending on your needs, a bespoke Coaching Ascent may be a better fit. Please contact us to discuss your goals, so we can recommend the appropriate engagement.


At the summit, you will be able to:

  • Confidently articulate your personal brand during critical business-building interactions
  • Strategically manage your career for authentic professional success
  • Craft and implement a practical, detailed Action Plan for success

What’s Covered

Our Personalized Action Planning Ascent includes:

  • Strategic career management
  • Development of a Business Development Action Plan
  • Personal branding