Becoming A Trusted Business Advisor Ascent

Expectations for in-house attorneys have changed. Every Company and Business Executive wants a strategic business partner at their side to successfully scale their operational objectives. Mountaintop’s Becoming A Trusted Business Advisor Ascent empowers in-house lawyers and teams to enhance their role from just a Legal function to a Business Strategist and Partner. We train attorneys to go beyond great lawyering by adopting a commercial mindset and thinking like strategic, solution-oriented business advisors to give your team the skills and confidence they need to become effective team members and enhance performance.


  • Legal Department Teams
  • Driven Attorneys
  • Emerging Leaders
  • In-House Counsel


The Becoming a Trusted Business Advisor Training Ascent includes one live training session, conducted in a 90 to 120-minute format, that will incorporate a formal presentation, group discussion, interactive group exercises, and valuable follow-up for each participant to complete. During the session, each participant will gain practical, actionable strategies related to three success factors:

  • Client-focused service delivery model
  • Problem-solving like a Business Advisor
  • Building effective client relationships and trust


At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Align their strategies to deliver advice in a way that manages risk while pursuing opportunity
  • Communicate, collaborate, and innovate with the business to drive business outcomes and contribute to your Company’s profitable growth
  • Develop and execute a customized, strategic Action Plan for the Legal Department’s continued success

What’s Covered

Our Becoming A Trusted Business Advisor training will empower your team to leverage the following competencies:

Thinking Like A Strategic Business Partner

  • Cultivating a commercial mindset that aligns with Company business goals
  • Using your skills and influence to create value for your business clients
  • Problem solving in a way that advances business objectives
  • Planning and executing to drive the Legal Department’s performance and accountability
  • In-Session Exercise: Action Planning Exercise
  • Homework for Participants: Action Plan Development

Building Effective & Trust-Based Client Relationships

  • Using trust as the foundation of successful client partnerships
  • Getting to know your clients by stepping into their shoes
  • How to show your client focus
  • Communicating your expertise and the value you bring to the business
  • In-Session Exercise: Client Profile (using Mountaintop’s proprietary templates)
  • Homework for Participants: Client engagement activities

One-On-One Coaching Sessions are available, at an additional cost, to reinforce this Ascent. Please contact us for more information.