Law Firm Economics: The Business of Law Ascent

The practice of law has changed significantly over the last 15 years, and the rate of that change has increased dramatically since the 2008 Recession, creating a “New Normal.” To be successful in the New Normal, attorneys and professional staff at every firm must master the business of law as well as the practice of law. Considered best-in-class nationally, Mountaintop’s The Business of Law Ascent offers an introduction to the factors that impact profitability for law firms. Participants will learn how to assess the profitability of their work and practical tips to enhance the long-term financial sustainability of the firm.


  • Driven Attorneys
  • Aspiring Partners
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Partners
  • Law Firm Professionals
  • Law Students


The Business Of Law includes one, live training session, presented in a 60 to 90-minute format, that will incorporate a formal presentation, group discussion, an interactive group exercise, and homework for each participant to complete.

This Ascent can be packaged together with others to develop a multi-session Leadership and Business Development Academy. Please contact us to discuss your goals, so we can develop a bespoke curriculum tailored to your specific audience and needs.


At the summit, each participant will be able to:

  • Speak more intelligently about the law firm market, business models, and firm profitability
  • Employ practical strategies for contributing to your firm’s profitability

What’s Covered

The Business Of Law

  • Critical cash flow dynamics of law firms
  • Factors that impact law firm profitability
  • Typical law firm partnership models
  • What each participant can do to enhance the firm’s long-term financial success
  • In-Session Exercise: Hypothetical Law Firm Profitability Analysis
  • Homework for Participants: Personal Profitability Analysis

One-On-One Coaching Sessions are available, at an additional cost, to reinforce this Ascent. Please contact us for more information.