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Start Your Ascent® – Do resolutions work for you?

You made it! Congrats on what I hope has been a fulfilling 2019.  Now is the time of year when we talk a lot about goals, which for many people means making a New Year’s resolution. As a strategist and coach, I’ve seen that the only downside to those resolutions is that they often have…

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Start Your Ascent® – Give Yourself The Benefit Of Time

As Halloween and Christmas decorations competed on my block this week, I was reminded that life seems to move more and more quickly. The busy attorneys, investors, executives, and emerging leaders we advise often feel that unrelenting push to get everything done, all at once. If this sounds like you, it might be time to…

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Microsoft Crunched Reams of Employee Data. This Was the Ideal Number of Hours for a Leader to Work

Are you working the ideal number of hours as a leader? (Hint: you should probably be working less than you think). Learn more about Microsoft’s “Moneyball” approach to coaching leaders in this article.

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A Harvard Study Found That 27 Top-Performing CEOs Use These 6 Strategies to Manage Their Time

Does it feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day to meet your family, work, and social obligations? Try these 6 calendar management strategies to boost your efficiency.

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Working with Mountaintop is always a pleasure. I appreciate their genuine and heartfelt commitment to their clients’ success while always maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

— Jodi Skorupski, Style Success Stylist and CEO

I participated in Mountaintop’s Leadership and Business Development Academy along with several partners at our firm, and we were not disappointed.  The Academy introduced the ideas and methods our young partners needed to feel confident about their business development efforts.  For more experienced partners like me, the Academy presented a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to leveraging existing contacts and successes.  My colleagues and I saw results almost immediately.  Mountaintop’s approach works as long as you work the plan.

— Partner, Top-Tier Litigation Firm

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