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Video: How To Put An Inclusion Lens On Professional Development Programs

Mountaintop’s DEI approach is built with the knowledge that systemic problems require systemic change. Professional development creates a special space to take the inclusion lens further – which means not only bringing in diverse speakers for your diversity specific programs or diverse audiences, but bringing in diverse speakers for all of your audiences to show…

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Video: Have your attorneys developed a personal brand that resonates virtually? 

In the same way that we need to develop a reputation for ourselves based on our in-person interactions, we also need to very intentionally develop our digital signature — a personal brand that resonates in the virtual world. Watch the video below to learn about the practical tools we can provide to guide your team…

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Video: 2021 Law Firm New Hires Face A Very Unique Challenge

Because of the pandemic, most incoming associates missed the opportunity to work in-person at an office last summer. As a result, they may not yet have developed the professional skills that are critical to long-term success. So, how can you help them fill the gap and put their best foot forward? We recommend this training…

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Video: To Zoom Or Not To Zoom

The professional world is in a bit of a limbo, wondering whether we hold certain meetings or professional development activities until we’re back together in person or go ahead with them remotely. After 18 months of remote sessions, here’s our take.

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Working with Mountaintop is always a pleasure. I appreciate their genuine and heartfelt commitment to their clients’ success while always maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

— Jodi Skorupski, Style Success Stylist and CEO

I participated in Mountaintop’s Leadership and Business Development Academy along with several partners at our firm, and we were not disappointed.  The Academy introduced the ideas and methods our young partners needed to feel confident about their business development efforts.  For more experienced partners like me, the Academy presented a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to leveraging existing contacts and successes.  My colleagues and I saw results almost immediately.  Mountaintop’s approach works as long as you work the plan.

— Partner, Top-Tier Litigation Firm

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