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As marketers and business strategists who have worked with successful professionals across industries, we regularly see LinkedIn help companies and individuals supercharge their brand and business-building efforts and reach their goals – whether that’s staying top of mind with clients, getting noticed by a potential employer, or being positioned as a thought leader. Here are a few compelling reasons we recommend getting active on the world’s largest online professional network:

  • Access Decision Makers: Executives from every Fortune 500 company are LinkedIn members, and 45% of LinkedIn users are in decision-making roles. 
  • Help Others Find You: 74% of those on LinkedIn (your prospects, clients and potential employers) use it to research companies and people.
  • Leverage a Top Search Result: Your LinkedIn profile is likely one of your highest search results, often appearing just below your company bio.
  • Do More In Less Time: You don’t need to spend hours each week on the platform to reap its benefits. Ten minutes will make a difference.
  • Control Your Brand Message: Unlike much of the other content in your online search results, you write and fully control what shows up on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Amplify Your Exposure: When one of your connections likes, comments on, or shares your post, their networks may also see it, amplifying your reach.
  • Stay Top Of Mind: When people see your headline, which is associated with your activity on the platform, they’re reminded of what you do and for whom.
  • It’s Completely Free: LinkedIn provides free access to an influential, global audience of over 575 million users, with 2 new users joining every second.

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