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May marked the 4th anniversary of our newsletter. To celebrate, over the next few months, we’ll be sharing some “greatest hits” that subscribers felt really helped them personally and professionally. We hope you enjoy this one from our June 2018 edition:

Are there areas in your life or work where “good” is good enough?

I struggle with letting go of my perfectionism and see the high price some of my successful clients pay to be excellent at everything. Thankfully, everything doesn’t require (or merit!) precision. In fact, I’ve learned that not only is “good” often good enough – sometimes “done” is best of all. If you’ve ever put off an important task because you didn’t have the perfect supplies, you know what I mean. Our perfectionism isn’t making us better, it’s slowing us down.

The cure for this perfection paralysis is simply taking a first action. Getting started sets you on the path to being more productive and effective.

This month, my challenge to you is to take that initial step and create an action plan or to-do list to tackle a goal you’ve been putting off until the perfect time.

As always, I’d love to hear from you about how it goes. What is your “good is good enough” area? Contact us here to chat.


Precious Williams Owodunni | CEO & Founder of Mountaintop Consulting

This letter was originally published in Mountaintop Consulting’s monthly newsletter. You can read the full newsletter here.

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