Newsletter: Where’s The Easy Button?

As we enter the third month of the year (how time flies!), we’re approaching Spring – a time for renewal and growth. In looking at the next few months, I encourage you to reflect on the various demands on your time and energy and pause to ask yourself a few questions about those activities.

  • Does this activity serve a necessary or substantial purpose?
  • Will this help me reach my career and/or life goals?
  • Do the benefits I receive from this task match the effort I put forth?

These questions can help you do a sanity check on how you spend your time, particularly with those more difficult undertakings. As go-getters, over-achievers, and highly successful professionals, you are constantly presented with new demands, both personal and professional, and it is vital to revisit those demands on a regular basis to ensure that 1) you do in fact want to do them, and 2) they serve your goals for your life and your career.

Discover resources to help manage and prioritize the demands in your life in this month’s newsletter.

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