Newsletter: Are you inadvertently planning to fail?

We had a fascinating week last month in which we facilitated strategic planning for three high performing teams under very different circumstances: What struck me was that, while these organizations differed in industry, geography, and perspective, their core needs were the same. They wanted to achieve alignment around their new, post-pandemic visions. And they valued our practical approach of quickly translating…

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Congratulations Noor Abukishk On 1 Year With Mountaintop!

Happy one-year Anniversary to our amazing Project Coordinator, Noor Abukishk. In the past year, Noor has been instrumental in moving our projects forward and ensuring our clients have a smooth and successful journey with us. Her bright smile and energy keep us upbeat and ready to take on the day. We are incredibly grateful for…

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Leading Through a Sustained Crisis Requires a Different Approach

“In May, the World Health Organization announced the end of the Covid-19 global emergency. Finally. But for many leaders, the announcement lifted little of the burden they carry. While the emergency is over, the crisis is not. We have shifted from the sudden crisis of the pandemic’s arrival to what we call a sustained crisis…

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It’s Planning Season

It’s officially planning season. In the last 2 weeks, we have had the honor of helping 3 organizations work through ideas, reach consensus, and plan for their ideal future state.  We’re excited to see their visions come to life and to help others plan for a great 2024 over the next few months.

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Want to move from middle management to the C-suite?

Want to move from middle management to the C-suite? The first question we ask leaders with this goal is, “What is your professional North Star?” Fully understanding where you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years helps widen the aperture in terms of paths to get there. Having identified that, make a…

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MTOP has helped me clarify what my priorities should be to achieve important life goals. Our work together has given me confidence about saying no to most uses of my time and yes to only those things that will enable me to achieve key goals.

— Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity Firm

Precious worked with me when our business was growing and thriving and helped us understand where the business was headed. When I had to make some difficult decisions, she was a solid sounding board. Very helpful in good times and bad.

— Rick Burleson, Head of Oil & Gas Practice, Paul Hastings

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