Newsletter: Performance Reviews In A Pandemic

Can you believe it is already November? We’re nearing the end of another (albeit, truly unique) year, and it’s time for performance reviews. If you’re struggling with how to fairly assess performance in a remote, pandemic world, here are some suggestions. Use metrics that really matter “Measure what matters” is usually invoked when discussing the…

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Newsletter: Who do we want to be?

The summer is concluding as it started, with a period of heightened social unrest in the pursuit of racial justice. There are so many important messages to explore. The peaceful protesters, including the professional athletes who have used their platforms to call attention to these issues, are asking us collectively: who are we, and who do…

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VIDEO: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion FAQs

We received many thoughtful questions during our virtual workshop: 3 Ways Companies Can Combat Systemic Racism & Retain Diverse Professionals. In this video, I delve into those questions, from how to broaden your network to asking your diverse colleagues about their experiences in the workplace.

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August Inspiration

One of the cornerstones of our work at Mountaintop is helping people become more successful in ways that are authentic and meaningful to them. Unless you’re a professional actor, you’re much better served finding ways to leverage the best of your true self in what you do. “The most exhausting thing you can be is…

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15 Coaches Share How Introverted Leaders Can Succeed In An ‘Extrovert World’

Rather than trying to “fix” your introverted tendencies, leverage the unique strengths that come with introversion. For example, introverts are natural listeners and information-gatherers. They also build trust more easily because they’re not sending the signals that put us off when we see a pitch or sale coming. Embrace those competitive advantages to build trust and develop strong relationships

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