Precious Williams Owodunni named to Baylor College of Medicine Board of Trustees

Mountaintop Consulting’s CEO Precious Williams Owodunni has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of Baylor College of Medicine. Of the appointment, she says, “As a graduate of Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, which was co-founded by Baylor College of Medicine, I have experienced firsthand the positive impact Baylor has in the Houston community and beyond.…

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Are You Being a Lawyer or Building a Practice?

There’s a tricky balance that lawyers need to strike: staying focused on the “task at hand” while keeping an eye on the future. Read more

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Why Clients Hire and Fire Law Firms

Wine dealers have a saying: “Buy on bread and sell on cheese.” They know bread doesn’t mask the taste of wine and that cheese does. When corporate clients relate to their outside law firms, they appear to operate on a similar aphorism: Buy for knowledge, fire for price. Read more.

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Four Keys To Better Listening

If there is one skill that will make you better at almost everything, it’s listening, writes Joey Asher. Want to build a better relationship with a client or colleague? Listen. Want to be a better husband or wife? Listen. He offers four keys to better listening skills. Read more.

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Four Keys to Teaching Young Partners How to Build Their Business

This article published in the Am Law Daily provides key teaching points for helping young partners grow their business.

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MTOP has helped me clarify what my priorities should be to achieve important life goals. Our work together has given me confidence about saying no to most uses of my time and yes to only those things that will enable me to achieve key goals.

— Chief Investment Officer, Private Equity Firm

Precious worked with me when our business was growing and thriving and helped us understand where the business was headed. When I had to make some difficult decisions, she was a solid sounding board. Very helpful in good times and bad.

— Rick Burleson, Head of Oil & Gas Practice, Paul Hastings

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